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What is it that most people hanker after, that most people crave, more than material things? They desire peace, rest for their weary bodies and tired minds. Sitting here, overlooking the lagoon in front of the resort, Just in Time, the sleek face of the lagoon mirrors the clearest, blue sky today, and I know that peace! It has settled over me and I am home…

Home… this very word conjures up feelings of security, safety, love, acceptance and peace. This magical place, on the shores of Lake Uembje, 12km from the small town of Praia do Bilene, adjacent to the small, but vibrant village of Nhabanga, is a very small but very significant piece of paradise, of heaven on earth. It is sheltered in front by thick shrubbery, surrounded by eucalyptus trees, with lovely, indigenous, shady trees in the garden providing much shade for those hot, summer days. There are majestic palm trees dotted here and there, creating a wonderful island atmosphere. It is an oasis, a refuge, a place of healing and a place of rest.

The resort is located on the beach on the Northern most tip of the lagoon. A very short walk, gets you to the local bar, The Coconut Bar, situated directly in front of the resort. There are many locals who visit this establishment to chat and catch up during the day. But there are also a significant amount of tourists who gather here, especially for that famous sundowner, to enjoy the stunning view of the sunset over the lagoon. The barman can whip up a mean cocktail for the adventurous drinker… But be warned. You might stagger back up to the resort. Thankfully, no driving is necessary.