Bem Vindo a Nhabanga!

Welcome to the beautiful Village of Nhabanga, located in the breathtaking Gaza Province, and more importantly welcome to Just in Time Prime Holiday Resort! This Resort is one of a kind in this region, offering the true out of Africa experience but with all the creature comforts experienced at home

The Resort is located a mere 680km from Pretoria. The roads are in many cases in better condition than our own suburban roads. Travel is by tarred road into Praia do Bilene and then approximately 11km of cross country sandy road easily traversed with any 4X4 and All Wheel Drive vehicle. For patrons with previous off-road experience, simply deflating the tyres (1.5 Bar) in a 2X4 SUV or Bakkie, poses no problem.

This lush tropical haven is known for its astonishing inland lake, which is, at places 5km wide, 14km long, and at spots up to 30m deep, and perfect for all water sports and swimming. Lake Uembje, also known as the San Martino Lake, lies alongside the warm Indian Ocean, and is like a mini-Mediterranean destination in Southern Africa. A new and exciting attraction is that it is becoming a haven for all bird watchers

The view from the resort is one of breath-taking serenity with lavish flora and an endless white sand lakeside beach to feast the eye on. Enjoying the calm waters of the lake if the rush of the ocean is not your scene, is a bonus for parents with youngsters or toddlers.

The lake gently slopes from shallow to deeper water. The ocean is a mere ten minutes drive from the Resort and requires a 4x4 and/or quads, as it entails a trip through the back-trails and over the dunes. Here you can enjoy a stretch of prime white beachfront without the interruption of crowds. However, this is still unspoilt beach. There are therefore no life guards or shark nets present.

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